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Training Strategy

  • Promote the take-up by companies and individual of IIW’s companies and personnel Qualification and Certification
  • Promote the take-up and implementation of the IIW guideline as recommendation is  customers’ specifications and ISO and/or Cameroon welding standards
  • Establish and implementation of Cameroon networks of education and training support centres
  • Implement award programmes, IIW systems best practices for individuals, organization and members
  • Establish and implement recommendation on how market, promote and increase the number of people and companies entering IIW welding education, training, qualification and certification programmes.
  • Improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of CWA

BENEFITS (for members and individuals)

  • Access to technical information from CWA’s website and library including :
    • Case studies & published papers
    • Technical enquiries on-line
    • Knowledge summaries - brief introduction to the most welding processes, materials technologies
    • Software toolkits - offer on-line and downloadable software
    • Industry updates and activities
    • Welding standards updates
    • Career orientation and advices
  • Discounts on newsletters, and for attending conferences, seminars, training courses and technical talks.
  • Free access to CWA’s websites, an on-line technical lecture series covering various aspects of welding, joining & related technologies.
  • Advertising on CWA website.
  • Attend CWA’s and IIW’s seminars, congresses and conferences.
  • Networking with companies and individuals in the field of welding and allied joining technologies.

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Technical strategy

  • Initiate and encourage the development of guidelines, recommendations, specification, handbooks, expert statements and reviews
  • Contribute to the development of welding and joining as a scientifically and technically accepted discipline and profession in Cameroon and in the sub-region
  • Encourage, create and develop new technology transfer mechanism and tools for technology innovation
  • Raise the importance and status of joining technologies
  • Harmonize the effectiveness of each aspect of welding and joining to improve the local and regional quality of life.

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Traning and Consulting

The Cameroon Welding association includes among its workforce expert and high qualified in the different field of mechanical engineering and welding. Our competent ranges from training to consulting:

  • Education; Training; Qualification; and Certification.
  • Conduct technical meetings, workshops, and industry oriented training programs in DT, NDT and work safety.
  • Organize seminars and conferences on welding and allied joining technologies.
  • Publish technical and scientific papers and journals.
  • Support research and development activities in institutions.
  • Help industries to be certified on IIW/ISO standards, e.g. ISO 3834.
  • Consulting: Advice individuals and industries on best welding practices and other related issues.

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